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Service Information

We broadcast Lord's Day and Week-Evening services for those unable to attend.​  You can listen to the live audio stream from the audio player in our Listen Live page, or via the Mixlr app from a mobile device.

A warm invitation is given to all our Services and Meetings

We believe the Holy Scriptures are the Infallible and Inerrant Word of God and we seek to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Authorised version of the Scriptures is used in all our Services and Meetings, and the form of address to God therein.  We believe it to be the most faithful translation of the original Holy-Spirit-inspired infallible and inerrant Hebrew and Greek texts.

The Lord's Day
  • Morning Worship     ~   11 a.m.

  • Evening Worship      ~    6 p.m.

Week Evenings
  • Preaching Service     ~  7 p.m.   (Tuesday or Wednesday as per calendar)

  • Prayer Meeting        ~    7 p.m.  (Usually first Friday of the month)


Hymns are sung from Gadsby’s Selection and/or Hymns for Worship.

Colnbrook Baptist Chapel does not currently have a Pastor, but most weeks we are favoured to have visiting ministers.  See listing in the Calendar.

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